A healthy dating relationship

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Taken from my own personal experiences and numerous coaching sessions with my clients, I've compiled a list of 4 of these "types" of men to avoid dating and how to recognize them quickly! He's unpredictable and vague about the details of his life.He answers questions with questions, avoids meaningful conversations and getting anything beyond basic info from him is like pulling teeth.You should NEVER feel pressured to do something that you don’t want to do.They should always respect your right to say no to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Every person will be ready for a dating relationship at a different time.When you decide to start a new dating relationship, it should be because you care about someone and not because you feel like you have to have a sweetie.Relationships are difficult because if you're not careful, you could find yourself in the middle of a toxic wasteland that leads to nothing but shameful stories and deep scars.

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However, it really is for a moment because he's only into you when he's with you. Jealous At first you're flattered by all of the attention he gives you.

Men who are super secretive aren't always hiding something major, but they do tend to not be the greatest communicators.

If he's reluctant to open up to you about small things, it will be hard for him to open up about bigger things later on.

They are either a f*cking sh*tshow, or one of the best things that will ever happen in your life.

We've all experienced crazy relationships, but few of us have embarked on that journey with someone who is no longer about the drama of it or the excitement of the honeymoon period, but the ease and comfort of knowing that you don't need drama to keep it going.

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