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The show details people's sexual interests and dysfunctions in a documentary style show.

Some people's stories are really interesting, like the guy who's into balloons, while others are more mundane.

features Miss Daisy taking a booze-and-gasp-filled tour down Douchebag Lane, in hopes that she’ll be able to settle down with a boyfriend that’s VD-free and mentally stable-ish enough to emotionally support her through rocky career exploits of modeling and singing. It’s like an all-encompassing television answer to the hypothetical questions I often find myself ask when eying the creepy, forced “alt” stores on Melrose Ave., Hollywood Blvd., or St.

The series premiere, which first aired over the weekend, introduces viewers to 20 guys vying for the lady of the hour’s heart (Note if you haven’t yet watched: Without fail, every time you gasp in horror at the level of douchery exhibited by a newly-introduced cast member, prepare to hear Daisy say something like, “Yummy! Mark’s Pl.: “Who the hell buys pre-safety pinned mesh tank tops?

That's the "more evolved" way of doing things, apparently. And yet, the second episode wastes no time in exposing the VH1 executives and publicists for the lying sleazes they are. Second round, Mindy interviews that this will be her first “girl-on-girl kiss,” and on national tv, no less. More importantly, how would you feel being one of the losers? “I’m not that type of person.” Later, Chi Chi and Brittanya share a moment. “This is pretty much the best revenge that I can get for my broken heart,” Chi Chi says. By focusing on the physical challenges as opposed to the relationships between the contestants, you’ve made this show… Punisher pulls 20Pack aside and talks some sense to him: of course Brittanya really slept with her, you fool. 20Pack then explains what Brittanya told him the previous night, during their PRONE TRUTHING (I’m really trying to push this theory of mine) session (and which was all caught on tape, by the way), while Brittanya lies and says that she’s much more compatible with Chi Chi. It doesn’t seem to be working, so she starts to cry. But isn’t it enough that Chi Chi is stuck in the same house with the infernally dishonest temptress Brittanya?

But as is often the case, the most interesting parts of elimination night are the reveal of the big winner and big loser, in this case also a study of the difference between “Being Asian and Getting Laid” and “Being Asian and Not Getting Jack Shit.” At the top of the pack lands Daniel, aka : And how does he seal the deal?

Doling out compliments, flashing his pearly whites, and sucking face on the first night. Kudos to Fox–can somebody grab this guy a Costco pack of Trojans? closing out the cuts is Kenn, aka incessant determination to speak Swahili to non-Swahili speakers certainly will.

I suppose that’s why, a mere two minutes into the show (including the previous episode recap and the opening titles! Craig then explains the rules that fans of celebreality have missed so much: Team captain from the winning team becomes Paymaster, and gets to decide who is eliminated. 20Pack, The same can be said of every single heterosexual man on the planet. Every single one of your other more evolved shows, VH1.

) Craig Jackson comes on to choose the new captains for the teams. Jackson puts ping pong balls with everyone’s name in a bag, and selects at random: Chi Chi for the green team, and 20Pack for the gold team. Every contestant had a representative ping pong ball. It was just our good luck that the two men Brittanya “f*cked” happened to be selected. (And yes, I know these episodes were filmed before VH1’s evolution; but VH1 is evolved now and they would not air anything that had even a whiff of chicanery or underhandedness to it.) Brittanya: This is gonna be great for me. The captain of the losing team is automatically up for elimination. On to the challenge, which is what VH1 has wanted to emphasize all along.

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