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Of course, Messenger had an advantage, in that Facebook split Messenger from its main app and forced users to download the Messenger app for chats, but even so, the growth of messaging apps is clearly evident in other platforms too – Whats App, also Facebook-owned, now has more than a billion monthly active users, while the growth of Snapchat, which is also, essentially, a direct messaging app, has been well-documented.Underlining this, at their recent F8 developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that Facebook's now processing around 60 billion messages per day across their messaging platforms – three times more than global SMS volume was at its peak.

The forced march to the new app set off a firestorm of complaints that clouded initial perception of Messenger as an app. Yes, they do read like something authored by a Napoleonic lawyer on meth, but so do the terms for many platforms. Or something necessary to take a picture of a check or bill for new payment capabilities. You are a wonderful person but simply not valuable enough for Facebook to take those kinds of risks. Unless you are Jennifer Lawrence or President Obama.

Whether trying to have a little scary fun for yourself or trying to surprise your friends, you will find Call from Killer Clown the perfect app to grab for this Halloween!

The best part is that your video conversations with the clown are video-recorded for you to view, to keep in your Photos app, or to share with the rest of the world via major social sites.

This, of course, is why Facebook’s looking to evolve their e Commerce options for Messenger, with the introduction of bots and tools to help brands better connect with their audiences via the communication methods they’re already using.

Messaging is a big focus for the future of Facebook, and the data suggests that we’re only going to see messaging use continue to grow. Not to be outdone by Zuck and Co., Google has today announced the launch of their own messaging and video chat options - Allo and Duo.

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