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I was pressured to stay, and too afraid to defend myself.

The founders of Thrillist, who started the lifestyle brand in college, used their own fraternity experience to inspire their content .On his first night of pledging, Kesslen and the other pledges were forced to watch two women have sex with each other in the basement of an off-campus house.When I asked to leave, I was told I could step towards the back but couldn't exit the basement.Relationships can wait.”“For her, the script was to hang out, meet men at social functions, hookup, and—if she finds herself with a particular man for an extended period of time—eventually ask him to clarify their status. How bizarre.“By now, however, the hookup norm is not so easily altered. They tell each other things like, “it’s all good,” even when it’s not. And it ought to follow that if women are not simple trophies to be won, they cannot depreciate in value – no matter how many strangers they have sex with.Most women don’t know how to work around it, or they fear that in doing so, men will ignore them. The ‘value’ of a being is not similar to that of a car. Unfortnately, a woman’s choices don’t exist in a vacuum. If she is looking for something more and he’s MIA, well, that’s not so fine, is it?

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