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Pages can also be dragged & dropped to change the order of the menus on the website.

Whether working in Frontend or Backend mode, clicking the edit icon to update a text element brings up the very same edit panel, one which has all of the same edit icons that users are familiar with from word processors, email progams, etc.

Security As initially mentioned, support for the 4.5 LTS will end in April 2015, and it already has for the non-LTS versions 4.6, 4.7, 6.0, and 6.1.

(The Schema) file in the root directory of your extension.

Now click "Write to Database"Please repeat these steps as long as there are still updates to make or until there are no more checkboxes checked automatically!

The current discussion about TYPO3 upgrades was mainly triggered by the release of the new TYPO3 CMS LTS version 6.2 in spring 2014.

Suppose you want to start any new TYPO3 project then how do you that?TYPO3's new Package Manager also allows the definition of dependencies.Unfortunately these dependencies are limited to real TYPO3 extension.Updating the website is as simpleas making the change, and clicking a save button.Depending on how a site is configured, more or less of the edit icons may be displayed.

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