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He just wants your company just because you're so funny. The Southeast Michigan Trafficking and Exploitation Crimes task force rescued her daughter twice from hotels in Dearborn and Macomb county.Now, this mom keeps her daughter out-of-state so she will not be pulled back into sex trafficking."Unfortunately, most of the trends that we're seeing, especially in the sex trafficking side of it, is that the victims that get involved are voluntary at first. They are either boyfriended into it, meaning the person that is eventually going to exploit them brings them into it as a relationship and then there comes to be expectations with that relationship and they get involved into a sex-trafficking situation," Krebs said.But police said the 58-year-old grandmother was that trusting, and perhaps lonely.She was looking for companionship on the singles dating site The woman sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone who doesn't even exist, sending shockwaves through the Troy community."Wow, that's scary," Carol Corbin said.

On Tuesday morning, investigators identified the body of the woman found stabbed to death Monday night in an alley off the 4000 block of Davison on Detroit's west side as Worthy.

She said it began on the dating app Tinder, where she met someone who became her boyfriend. That's all you have to do.' They would give her like ," the mom said.

She said they started dating and then the boyfriend asked her to go out with his friends."Then started off like, ' Oh, one of my friends has a big event they're going to, could you escort him? She said it continued with her daughter going to the movies and going out to eat with the men, who would give her or , then after about six or seven times, her daughter was told that she had to sleep with the men.

A man who called himself Donny Koch met her on the site and said he was from London.

He said he worked on an oil rig and needed money, so she started sending thousands of dollars.

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