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However, that "personality" is a mixture of triumphant highs inside the cage and embarrassing lows outside of it.Frequent malapropisms on the microphone have made him a ripe target for snark and satire among hardcore fans, but he remains one of the sport's most visible athletes.Journey giggles as his father hands him a plate of pancakes adorned with a yogurt beard, mustache and hair, and fruit pieces arranged in a smiley face.“Look at mine, Amber!Look at mine,” Journey calls out, gesturing at his breakfast. This is why Ortiz opted to prepare for his second fight in the Bellator series at home, instead of in the thin air and isolation of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Since his 1997 debut, Ortiz has been one of the sport's central stars and is easily one of MMA's foremost personalities.More importantly, Ortiz feels a renewed confidence that has nothing to do with fighting at all."The things I've been through, I shouldn't be where I am," he says.For her part, Jameson told the website that Ortiz’s claim is false. “He has alienated me as a parent, and I am in court proceedings overturning his wrongful judgment.” The boys currently live with their father and his girlfriend in Huntington Beach, Calif.This summer, Jameson sued Ortiz, claiming that he had reneged on his promise to put her name on the deed of the house he and the twins currently live in.

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